Health cushion refers to a state where the body has enough nutrients each day to deal with normal metabolism, dealing with stress, fighting off an illness, and getting rid of toxins.

The opposite of health cushion is health depletion, which refers to a state where the body lacks the nutrients to keep up with the daily issues in our bodies.

The greater the stress, illness, or toxin exposure, the greater amount of nutrients needed to optimize the detox processes and maintain health cushion. If the nutrient intake is not enough or if there is a sudden increase in toxin exposure, health cushion will decrease.  Thus, the battle between health and illness in toxic environments can be understood as the battle to create health cushion and avoid health depletion.

What are Health Eroders?

I think we could all make a list of things are bad for us.  In general, Health Eroders are anything that makes us unwell either immediately or over time. 5 major areas that deplete or erode our health include:

  • poor eating habits—processed foods, junk food, lots of sweets
  • poor life habits—not sleeping well, lack of exercise and not managing stress well
  • living in a toxic environment—exposed to polluted air, soil, water, and chemicals such as plastics, pesticides, Teflon, heavy metals…
  • exposure to many infectious diseases—including food-, water-, and mosquito-borne illnesses
  • weakened immune/digestive system—frequent illnesses and digestive problems

All of these things together are what I call Health Eroders. Anything that erodes your health, makes you sick, or drains you are Health Eroders.

What are Health Boosters?

In the same way that things erode our health, there are also things that can improve or boost our health.  These include:

  • Healthier eating habits—eating whole foods that contain more nutrients, drinking clean water, taking appropriate supplements
  • Healthier life habits—getting enough sleep and exercise and managing stress
  • A cleaner environment—removing chemicals in what we eat, drink, breathe, and put on our skin
  • Having a strong immune system and gut—having good hygiene habits, being able to resist getting sick when exposed to someone who is ill

Putting it all together

If we have too many Health Eroders and not enough Health Boosters, we end up being sick and tired.

But if we have fewer Health Eroders and lots of Health Boosters, we’ll be healthier and more energetic!

The battle between health and illness in toxic environments is…

The fight to create Health Cushion and avoid health depletion